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Concert: Dhafer Youssef (Jazz in the Park)


Dhafer Youssef este un unul dintre principalii ambasadori ai muzicii jazz cu influențe arabe din lume. A fost premiat la BBC World Music Awards în 2003 și în 2006 și a vândut peste 50.000 de albume.. A urcat pe scenele tuturor marilor festivaluri de jazz din lume - Montreux, North Sea Jazz, Oslo și Umbria - și a colaborat cu artiști precum Paolo Fresu, Omar Sosa sau Tigran Hamasyan.

"When Revolver asked me to write about Dhafer Youssef, I failed to put words together because I am writing about a musician who expresses everything with music. A musician that gives you a feeling of joy and a feeling of sorrow in the same track. A musician whose voice is stronger than all words combined, a musician who made us all know that deep inside we have feelings no matter how much we try to hide them or pretend that we are feeling less. A musician who’s more than a musician, a prophet of the ancients.

There’s no combination of words that’ll do justice to describe Dhafer Youssef, known to be the most inventive Oud player and the leader of the contemporary music that not only fuses Eastern and Western influences but also invents a new mold for the fusion to dwell within." Maia Khouri

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